About Us

Our History

It was in 1948, Florida, Daytona Beach, when Mike Helton and his grandson Brian France founded NASCAR, the family business that launched the car racing series. This is where the American history of racing began, involving racing cars, as well as trucks and campers. And this is also the place where the idea to create oils and greases for the most demanding, designed-to-win vehicles was born.

The concept which emerged directly on racetracks such as Daytona 500 or Daytona International Speedway initiated the Daytona Lubricant LLC concern, which became a role model and one of the most recognizable brands associated with the idea of the “American lifestyle”. To this day, our task is to produce the best oils and greases.

Our products are designed for the most demanding customers who want their systems and machines to work with no failures. In order to ensure the best lubrication, we strive to make our products as precise as possible. In our company, we select preparations in a professional manner, because your success is our success. Your win is our win.


Daytona Lubricants LLC. is a brand established for the most demanding customers, for whom the reliability of systems and machines constitutes a priority. We carefully develop our products to ensure the best quality of lubrication. With the use of cutting edge technologies, we produce agents that ensure the best working conditions for every machine and production line.


The idea behind the launching of our company appeared out of the demand of industrial market for professionally selected preparations encompassing individual needs of each machine park. This gave rise to the production and distribution of unique Daytona Lube products.

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